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Get Easy Heatless Curls

Buy direct with confidence from the people who invented the original patented Curlformers®.

Over 21 years ago we first began our journey, very little was available for people to style their hair safely without heat. Traditional methods like Ragrolls were difficult to apply and all ended up in a similar style. So we invented the Curlformer. A unique helix tube with interwoven strands to allow for flexibility that retains a structure that produces wonderful curls.

Read on to see how you could soon be wearing luscious curls too.

What are Curlformers®?

Curlformers® are a heatless curling tool that curls your hair with no heat damage and are safe to use on all types of hair. With Curlformers® you can create a wide range of hairstyles using our Spiral, Barrel and Corkscrew Kits. Available in different sizes depending on the length of your hair, there are endless  styles you can create with Curlformers®

Who Uses Them?

People just like you who don’t want their hair to suffer from heat damage, but do want wonderful long-lasting curls. Our Curlformers® have been used in the USA, Asia, Australia, Africa and all across Europe.  They have been used on the stage, on the screen and on the catwalk. They have been used by cheerleaders, models, YouTubers, celebrities and you too could be next to join the HairFlair family.

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Curlformer® FAQs

We are often asked questions about Curlformers®. Below are some of the top questions we get asked.

Curlformers don’t use heat and are much safer to use on your hair than heated methods. Without the need for heat, they are suitable for all types of hair including Natural Hair.

Our Curlformers® come with a lifetime guarantee and are HairFriendly.

Absolutely, because Curlformers® don’t use heat, you remove the problem of weakening the hair. This is super important if your hair is susceptible to easy breakage.

With over 20 years of experience we are confident that our Curlformers® will produce fabulous curls.  We have plenty of tutorials and guides on how to use them. If you decide that they really aren’t for you we offer a full refund, no questions asked. Please see our returns page for full details.

Anyone can use Curlformers® and you can use them on short hair, long hair, Natural Hair, Asian hair, European hair, wigs and hair extensions. 

Hair Guarantee

How do I choose the right Curlformers®

Choosing Curlformers® couldn't be easier. Follow our simple guide below


Curlformers are available in three curl styles


HairFlair Corkscrew Curlformers

Create tight corkscrew curls or reshape your own curl shape without damage

Available in the following lengths:



Create loose spiral curls by brushing out or tight spiral curls, reshape too

Available in the following lengths:


HairFlair Barrel Curlformers

large barrel curls or loose waves. Reshape natural tight curls without damage.

Available in the following lengths:

Not sure which one is right for you?

Try our quiz to find our which Curlformers® is perfect for your hair.

Now choose the kit size

Curlformers® are available in three product sizes

Glam Up Kits

Curlformers by Hairflair corkscrew curl glam up kit

Top Up Packs

Styling Kits

Curlformers Barrel Curls Deluxe Styling Kit_result

Glam-up kits are a perfect introduction to our Curlformers®, ideal to try different curls and to add to a set you already have. Also works if you just want a few curls.

What's in the box?

You can use our top-up packs to curl ponytails or up-dos. They are also the perfect companion for our styling kits for extra volumous hair dos

What's in the pack?

For everything from tight curls to loose brushed out waves our styling kits contain everything you need to start curling your hair with Curlformers®

What's in the bag?

How To Use Curlformers®

You can apply curlformers® in our 3 step magic curling process

1. Prepare

For the best result we recommend you first prepare your hair as follows:

• First lightly dampen your hair
• Next apply holding product for the best results
• Now, use hair in small sections, approx 2cm

2. Apply

Now you are are ready to start curling your hair with Curlformers®:

• Push the hook through the Curlformer®
• Next put the hook at the base of one of your sections at the root
• Now pull the hook and hair through the Curlformers®

3. Style

After repeating the application process and leaving to set until dry or use a Softhood® to speed up the process:

• Pinch the rubber seal at the root of your hair.
• Gently remove each Curlformer®
•Tease your curls with a hairbrush or fingers and style


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