Product FAQs

Curl Width & lengths : Curlformers come in three widths/Curls

Barrel is extra wide & comes in 2 lengths Long & extra long

Spiral is a medium size curl & comes in 4 lengths, short, long, extra long & super long.

Corkscrew is a tighter curl & comes in 3 lengths, short, long & extra long.

Please see our hair length guide or measurements 


Classic colour :  Brighter, fun colours…2 colours in each pack showing an equal number of left & right curl directions.

Deluxe colour:  Richer more regal colours, all in the same colours in each kit… a subtle line running through half of the pack to show left & right curl directions.

Pro colour:  This is our professional colour range in softer golds, platinum greys & black designed in these colours to sit alongside most hair salon professional colour schemes. A subtle line runs through half to show the left & right curl directions.


  • Using Curlformers of the same colour in one direction allows you to comb the resulting curls together into a glamour wave.
  • To create a fabulous style, why not coordinate the rotation of the Curlformers so for Classic range that you place the pink, green and magenta Curlformers on the left side of the head; and blue, yellow and orange Curlformers on the right side of the head; this will direct the curls away from your face or use them on the opposite sides if you want your curls to curve towards your face. The same principle applied to Deluxe & Pro ranges using the subtle line to define your left & right curls.

Please see our hair length guide or measurements 

Measure your Hair length

Curl Width & lengths : Curlformers come in three widths/Curls

Barrel is extra wide & comes in 2 lengths Long & extra long

Spiral is a medium size curl & comes in 4 lengths, short, long, extra long & super long.

Corkscrew is a tighter curl & comes in 3 lengths, short, long & extra long.

Please see our hair length guide or measurements 

Waveformers® are designed to give you more of a gentle wave rather than a curl.

There are 3 styles:

Beach Flair®
A loose beach wave that can be used on both straight hair to give movement and soft tumbling tresses and already curly hair for a different look. They are available in one length up 22″/55cm

Ocean Flair®
For body and movement use our Ocean Flair®, they can be used on all hair types and are particularly good for naturally curly hair to produce a softer wave without heat damage.

Ripple Flair®
For a wavy, ripple effect – a completely new style that is especially good on naturally curly hair for a different curl pattern.

Find out more here: Waveformers®

Only the colour! It just depends on whether you like the bright approach with our classic pop colours or the more refined deluxe colours. The result will be the same.

If a product is not bought from us directly or on one of our approved partner sites it is very likely to be counterfeit and won’t be covered by our guarantee. Whilst you may think you are getting a bargain, these may not conform to safety regulations, may snag your hair, and maybe perforated by the hook. To find out more about our guarantee check out our page: HairFlair Guarantee 

Yes you can! They can be washed in warm soapy water and dried with a towel with no risk of losing their shape.

If the hook is pushed up through the Curlformer® or Waveformer® too quickly then it may indeed go through the mesh wall. This will not alter or break the Curlformer® or Waveformer® in any way. Simply manoeuvre the hook out carefully by turning the hook 180 degrees as you pull back through.

They both work on all hair types and particularly well on natural hair. They are a heatless way to change your curl pattern for few days & your natural curls will return back without any risk of heat damage. With different curls and waves & many lengths to choose from we work on short & long hair including wigs & weaves. You do not need to straighten your hair first, the Curlformers will smooth your hair into the desired curl. Curlformers can stretch out, elongate & define hair which is prone to shrinkage. For best results use a moisturiser (not heavy oil) & a curl cream with a good hold factor to set your curls. To dry faster when in a hurry use a softhood® dryer & ensure the hair is fully dry before removing your Curlformers® or Waveformers®

Take a smaller section of hair and comb through, before slipping the section of hair into the hook. Alternatively, the hair may be too dry. We suggest you mist the section with water or styling spray if you are using on dry hair.

Alternatively, you may have taken too big a section of hair, which has not been sufficiently combed through.

Alternatively, the hair may be too dry. We suggest you mist the section with water or styling spray if you are using on dry hair.

Rest assured, the two sections can be pulled apart. The joint has been made intentionally stiff to stabilise it when in use, however, this does mean that it needs more gentle persuasion when being taken apart. WARNING! Do not twist apart as this will cause the hook to break at the joint!

The best way is to compare the different curl and wave effects is to check out our Inspire Me section. 

Never fear; there is always a solution! We suggest you draw the Curlformer® or Waveformer® down the hair sections (away from the root) until the ends are completely inside the Curlformers®/Waveformer®. This will create a gorgeous hairstyle with a flatter root.


Yes, most definitely! Both work on all hair types & are a heat free way to change your curl pattern for few days & your natural curls will return back without any risk of heat damage. You will find that using Curlformers® will give your hair definition by reforming your curls, allowing you to create different curl styles. Beach Flair® will create a beachy wave and Ocean Flair® will create a smooth loose  Take a look at our Inspire Me page and you will see a sample of the different styles of curls that you can create – from tight curls to relaxed soft waves.

You might also notice that textured or natural hair actually relaxes into beautiful curls with Curlformers®, and wavy hair transforms into beautiful glossy curls….the possibilities are endless.

the best reason of all is this: Curlformers® & Waveformers® use no direct heat, so you can’t damage your hair in the same way you can with heated appliances.  Take a look at all the different styles you can recreate with Curlformers®, as these are much more diverse than with tongs or wraps. If you have “natural” hair you will find it curls easily using Curlformers®, which adds definition to your hair.

Yes, they can. We have two top tips for you on how to do this below. By incorporating those two points into your technique, you can safeguard against tension being brought to bear on the knots.


  • Make sure the wig is supported before you start applying your Curlformers® or Waveformers®
  • Pick up the hair sections a minimum of 6 inches (15cm) from the knots.

We don’t believe that being beautifully styled has to be time consuming or hard. We suggest at the beginning you practice applying Curlformers® or Waveformers® on your hair at the front, then when you have mastered the technique, and you want to style your hair, start at the nape of the neck and work your way round to the front.


  • By starting at the back and working your way around and up, the Curlformers® or Waveformers® you have just applied don’t get in the way of the new ones!
  • Use a Softhood to speed up dry time without heat damage.

Yes, absolutely.  But we advise this is done by a hair professional only.

It’s the HairFlair Modern Wave, using Curlformers® or Waveformers® creates beautiful beach wave results. The Barrel Curlformers will give you bendy waves, the Spiral Curlformers will give you beach waves, and the Corkscrew Curlformers will create a slightly tighter effect.


Good news for hair stylists: No endpapers are needed when using Curlformers®/Waveformers®. The ends safely wrapped, without the need for fish hooks or buckling.

Once the hair has been set, you can still style it in different ways; leaving it wavy or blow drying it straight. The HairFlair Modern Wave helps give the hair a longer lasting style.

Give them a go and you will see how they smooth out the curl and give your hair that all-important definition you have been looking for. You won’t regret it.

Choose your curl wisely. If you like the look of Barrel but your hair is too soft try using Spiral on a slightly bigger section & in the same direction. You can then brush them into bigger curls afterwards. Also use our Hold Styleformer or mousse & an extra hold hairspray to hold curls afterwards.


We also recommend you use a Softhood to set the curl.

Yes, because Curlformers® are a set curl the staying power is better than an ironed curl. We recommend applying our Styleformers® cocktail of Hold and Define to hold your curls longer. And use a Softhood to make sure the hair is dry before removing.

We have 3 ways to dry your hair.. You can dry naturally, this may take a couple of hours depending how warm your environment is! Or you can sleep in them or for quickness use a softhood hair dryer attachment like ours. The time drying will depend on the length of your hair. For short hair, it usually takes about 20-30 minutes on caucasian hair but it depends on the thickness of your hair. On natural/textured hair it may take up to an hour or more. 

Remember.. The longer they’re in the better, hairdryer on low heat & always leave to cool to set the curl before taking them out

Yes, they are. You can easily apply Curlformers® or Waveformers® on a child’s damp hair, add a holding product like a mouse as children’s hair is soft & will need some hold factor. Make sure hair is combed through & tangle free to avoid knots, to dry the hair you can let the Curlformers naturally, sleep in them or for a quicker result use one of our Softhoods® with a hairdryer on a low heat. Once the hair is dry, let the hair cool & gently ease out the Curlformers® or Waveformer® and your child will have beautiful curls fit for any occasion.

Don’t worry, they don’t hurt. Our team have put them in, walked down the street, danced and even slept in them. (Although, we only recommend this latter idea if you aren’t using Curlformers® at the back of your head and up to the root, as this could be uncomfortable.)

Well that will depend on the style you are looking to achieve. A full head usually needs approximately 40 Curlformers® or Waveformers®. It will also depend on the size of curl you select you and the texture and length of your hair. You may therefore wish to mix the different sizes, like using Barrel with Spiral for some extra lift, which you can easily do by buying a Styling Kit and then some different sized Top Up Packs.

Simply take a section of hair, slightly wet (we recommend the gentle mist from a Flairosol) and comb through, give it a gentle twist and insert the section into the opening of the hook. Make sure the hook is the right way up, there is an arrow on the side and the opening should be upwards. Watch the video demo to see how to do this on the Show Me page.


You have to angle the hook so the handle is higher than the crook of the hook.

We have multi-language instruction available here

Styleformers® FAQs

The Styleformers are designed so you can mix them together to create your own unique cocktail for your hair. You can mix just 2, 3 or all 4 together if want to.

Yes you can, apply to damp hair & massage in, wrap hair & leave it overnight for a deeper treatment. Use a warm towel or use our Softhood on a low heat for 10 minutes, this will help to penetrate into the hair for a deep nourishment

It depends on your hair type, length & thickness. A good guide is to use a thumbnail amount or 2 x pumps, add more if needed if hair is longer.

Shine’s product technology means it is a cream consistency that when warmed up in the hands has a more velvety feel due to the precious oils.

Accessories FAQs

The paddle brush is great for detangling when wet or dry & also for blow-drying. To lift roots up for volume & blow-dry mid-lengths to ends.

The oval brush works well to brush hair through to remove tangles & give a smooth brushed look. It is great to use after setting with Curlformers for that brushed out curl/wave look

Our softhood® is the biggest on the market, we designed it with extra blow holes inside to give a much more even drying to the whole head. The side pull string keeps heat in for a more efficient setting time & the chin strap is there if you need it to secure in place. The hose attaches to most hairdryers on the market but has an added silicone strip to help secure it to the hairdryer. It is now available in 5 colour designs, view our Softhoods.

Softhoods® are a great way to fasten up drying time for a Curlformer® or Waveformer® set when you are in a hurry. Just attach to your dryer on low heat to gently dry your hair. You can also use it when you have applied a hair treatment to help deeper penetration of the hair treatment.

Delivery and Returns FAQs

What is the HairFlair Guarantee?

Curlformers® are the only patented, heat-free, salon-quality hair curler in the world. We’ve worked really hard to develop and test every product we put our name on so that Curlformers customers worldwide can trust they are getting the safest and best quality hair curler in the world.

If you haven’t already tried, tested and converted, we’re confident you will after you discover your perfect curls. In fact, we have so much confidence in our products, we offer a lifetime guarantee on everything we sell. If the product breaks or no longer works as it should, we’ll replace it at any point.

Just send the product back and we’ll take care of the rest. (Please note this doesn’t affect your statutory rights and doesn’t cover if you change your mind or no longer use them once you’re past 14 days.)

All of our factories are regularly audited. deliver to the UK, the USA and Internationally. Please view  our full list of shipping locations for a comprehensive list.

Curlformers deliver within the UK using a 2-4 day signature delivery service.

Curlformers deliver within the USA using Parcel Post, 3-5 day service with tracking facility.

Curlformers deliver internationally using USPS Priority Mail International, a 6-10 days delivery service (to major markets) with tracking facility.

  • We offer free delivery within the UK for orders of £15 or more (if your bag doesn’t qualify for free delivery, postage will cost £5)
  • We offer free delivery within the USA for orders of $20 or more (if your bag doesn’t qualify for free delivery, postage will cost you $6)
  • We offer free delivery for the ROW for orders of $80 or more  (if your bag doesn’t qualify for free delivery, postage will cost you $25)

Service FAQs

Retail  stores and online:

  • Sally Beauty Stores and Online (USA)
  • Selected Target Stores and online (USA)
  • Sally Stores and online (UK)
  • Diouda (France)
  • Colorful Black (France)
  • La Boutique du Coiffeur (France)
  • Capello Point (Italy)
  • Amazon (UK)
  • Amazon (US)
  • Amazon (Spain)
  • Amazon (Italy)
  • Amazon (Germany)
  • Amazon (Netherlands)
  • Tholu Hair & beauty (Canada)
  • KemetCare (France)
  • Krullur (iceland)

*Please note that we do not sell HairFlair products on Amazon China or Amazon Japan. Products sold here are not Genuine HairFlair products and are not covered by our guarantee.


  • Salon Services UK
  • Alan Howard UK

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