Happy Galentine’s Day! Celebrate the Amazing Women in Your Life with HairFlair.

Let’s be real,  it’s not all about Valentine’s – Galentine’s is where it’s at! Date or no date, having a killer night with your friends is always a good idea. You deserve to relax and have some girl time every now and then and we can help. Here are some amazing Galentine’s ideas, with great hair to match…

Hostess with the mostest
Avoid all the PDA taking over the restaurants and have a killer night in with the girls. Need some inspo? We’ve got you covered…

  1. Build your own pizza night – Earn points for creativity, taste, and the best pizza Insta story (top tip – keep the flash off, you’re welcome). 
  2. Cocktail evening – get everyone to bring a recipe and get tasting! Have a lot of ladies celebrating Galentine’s? Do your very own cocktail Come Dine with Me and see which team wins!
  3. Spa night – facemasks, hair masks, nail polish and maybe a glass of wine. Unwind with a spa night at home – yasss. 
  4. Film night – turn the lights out, grab the popcorn and avoid the romcoms. Believe us – a horror film is better than crying over The Notebook this Galentine’s.

Make sure to pop your Curlfomers in during your girls night for the best “I woke up like this moment” EVER. You’ll be ready for a post-Galentine’s brunch with no effort at all! 

Embrace the love
Ready to beat the couples? Put your best stiletto forward and dress up for a meal out with your besties. Our Waveformers are ideal to add a romantic wave to your hair. Great food, great drink and great company (trust us, all the couples will wish they were sat with you!). 

Let’s go out-out
Dance away the heartache with a girls night out. Cut the getting ready time down with our Softhood. Perfect curls in super quick time? Yes, please.

Need some inspo? Our 80s icon style is giving us major boogie vibes.

Here’s how to get the look…

  1. Dry off freshly washed hair or lightly water spray dry hair – there is no need for hair to be washed.
  2. We recommend applying a combination of Nourish & Hold Styleformers mixed in your hand to the hair & comb through. 
  3. Use Corkscrew Curlformers®, alternating left and right curl directions to achieve that 80’s volume. Half of the Curlformers® in a set come with a stripe to show the different directions.
  4. Dry naturally or for faster drying use our bestselling Softhood® for 20 mins (longer for thicker hair), let your hair cool for at least 5 mins (Don’t miss out this top tip as it sets your hair)
  5. When dry, remove gently, wrapping your finger around the curl shape.
  6. Using a dry, fine hairspray. Tip your head upside down and spray. Shake out those curls for volume and clip up using your favourite banana clip.

Take care of your hair and your heart this Galentine’s! Date or no date, make sure your hair is Galentine’s ready with HairFlair. Know a lady who deserves some hair love? Check out our accessories for the perfect Galentine’s gift.

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