2c Hair Guide: Grow, Maintain & Care

Want to know all things 2c hair type? Wondering if your curl is 2c? Need maintenance tips?… Read on.

2c hair curls: they are the natural movement that’s between waves and curls. One day it can look wavy, the next curly.  So, even though 2c hair can drive you around the bend on its off days, enjoy the process of learning and the fun of an ever-changing look.

So, what do 2c curls look like?

Kinky, twisty, or wavy hair — figuring out your curl type is a step towards the right care. I’m a hairdresser, so I’ve dealt with a lot of curl types and I’m a 2c girl myself.

2c curly hair comes under the ”wavy” category for curl specification. It forms ”s” bends from the roots, so it has a natural volume. Sometimes the waves form a bit of a loop or a curl, and the curl can form on the ends of the hair where it isn’t stretched out by weight. This type of hair is receptive to different styling techniques and is one of my favourites for achieving a curl.

Best haircuts for 2c curl types

A good haircut is definitely a great way to encourage your 2c curls to grow, form and look right.

A general rule I use with cutting curls is to free the curl to move. This can mean layering, asking for more texture, or taking away weight in your hair. If you want your 2c curls to spring more, ask your hairstylist to use a technique like this. 

On a more technical level, round or triangular shaped cuts look great on 2c curls. If you prefer waves, you’re better off keeping length and weight to pull it lower. My personal favourite look is the shag cut right now on 2c curls. We can even get away with a fringe – YAY.

Best hair products for 2c curls

2c curls can either be encouraged to curl or encouraged to wave, so choose a hair product accordingly. 

Encouraging 2c curls requires a lightweight hold. There are so many great products out there that it can be a minefield finding your perfect curl care. I like styling foams for a lightweight lift. They provide hold and control without pulling it down. 

You can also get some great foams with a leave-in conditioner infused too – perfect if your 2c hair is frizzy and you want lift. If you prefer your wavy look, go for something heavier. Use a smoothing cream or serum to help contain frizz and lock down the curls.

2c curl routine – encouraging hair definition and curl.

So, I have a routine I teach guests in the salon with 2c curls. Diffuse or natural? I find natural is usually best but this technique can be diffused too.

First, wash with a good curl care shampoo and condition. (If you’re frizzy/knotty please comb the conditioner through – If you’re silky and fine you won’t need to overwork your conditioner). Rinse out. Leave it wrapped up in a towel for 10 minutes to take out excess water – DO NOT SCRUB! Blot/squeeze hair. 

Grab your curl product and thoroughly work through. Then section off and twist your hair into coils. Twist from root to ends. Start at the back, taking square inch sections, and work your way up. Either leave to dry in this form naturally – NO TOUCHING (it creates frizz) or, gently diffuse until dry. Once FULLY dry, break the coils up with your hands.

2c curl routine – encouraging waves and less volume

Controlling wild and thick 2c curls? Getting waves to sit lower? Controlling frizz? Let’s help you out.

Use the wash steps described earlier, leaving the excess water in the hair. This weighs it down whilst it dries. Then use a conditioning control cream or oil and saturate well. Do the twisted technique listed above but in larger sections – this creates a loose effect. 

Do not diffuse to avoid frizzing hair, instead leave to dry naturally. If after trying this and you still get frizz, I recommend removing excess water after washing and loosening the French braiding to contain the wild hair a little more. Use a zig-zag part to hide part lines down the centre and loosely French braid two braids. This look can be slept in until dry but do not unravel until dry. Then break it up with your fingers.

How to get my 2c curl to grow?

Curls take time to grow because they don’t grow in a straight line. As with any hair type, growth is encouraged by looking after hair health and preventing breakage.

Regular trims are the first step: taking a little off the ends every 5-10 weeks will help the health and growth of your hair. A weekly treatment is beneficial. I find a bond rebuilding treatment like Olaplex no3 left overnight and then washed off helps to spring my 2c curls and rebuilds moisture and strength. Leave it to curl, because heat damage damages curls too. 

If you’re finding your 2c curls are limp on the ends, avoid heat styling. Good scalp care and diet can help too, so don’t over-wash and have a healthy balanced diet. And remember – have fun with your 2c curls.

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