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Considering buying a Softhood but not quite sure what the benefits of this are? Well, strap yourselves in as here’s a rundown of all the reasons we think you should.

  • A Softhood fastens up drying time by approximately 20-25 minutes. That’s the same time as a HIIT workout, an episode of your favourite show, or doing your make up!
  • A Softhood is a great way to get a conditioning treatment to penetrate the hair follicles. So, pop it on, wrap the hair in a wrap cap and sit with it on for 5-10 minutes.
  • Need to dry clip-in hair extensions? Pop them in your Curlformers (or even rollers), turn your Softhood upside down, put them inside and pull tight the fastening. 15-20 minutes is all you need and voila; dry clip-ins!

What makes the HairFlair Softhood so good?

  • The special non-slip silicone band on the Softhood connector to the hairdryer means no more slipping/blowing off the hairdryer.
  • The clever chin strap is great to help hold everything in place while the hairdryer is on full power.
  • Softhoods have a handy drawstring – great to tuck all Curlformers in and keep in place.
  • Softhoods have lots of ventilation holes, which means hair is dried evenly and with much less intensity than heat that is directly blasted on the hair.

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