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Yes! You will notice that the Curlformers have 3 lengths, 3 widths and there are 2 colours in each size; one colour rotates clockwise, the other colour rotates anti-clockwise.

  • Short & Wide: for typical curls on shorter hair.
  • Short & Narrow: for ringlet curls on shorter hair.
  • Long & Wide: for typical curls on up to shoulder length hair.
  • Long & Narrow: for ringlet curls on up to shoulder length hair.
  • Extra Long & Wide: for typical curls on longer than shoulder length hair.

Both colours of Curlformers used in equal amounts randomly across a head of hair give a natural style. Once you have taken out the Curlformers, simply play with the curls to create your style!

Hints and Tips

  • Using the same color Curlformers on a head of hair gives a funky, futuristic style.
  • Using clusters of Curlformers of the same colour next to each other, allows you to comb the resulting curls together.
  • To create a fabulous style, why not coordinate the rotation of the Curlformers so that you place the pink, green and magenta Curlformers on the left side of the head; and blue, yellow and orange Curlformers on the right side of the head; this will direct the curls away from your face.
Yes you can! They can be washed and dried with no risk of losing their shape.
If the hook is pushed up through the Curlformer too quickly then it may indeed go through the mesh wall. This will not alter or break the Curlformer in anyway. Simply manoeuvre the hook out carefully.

This will only happen if you have taken too big a section of hair, which has not been sufficiently combed through and then tried to put it into the hook and through the Curlformer.

Hints and Tips


Take a smaller section of hair and comb through, before slipping the section of hair into the hook!


Alternatively, the hair may be too dry. We suggest you mist the section with water or styling spray if you are using the Curlformers on dry hair.

Simply pull the two ends apart! The joint has been made intentionally stiff to stabilize it when in use, however this does mean that it needs more gentle persuasion when being taken apart. WARNING! Do not twist apart as this will cause the hook to break at the joint!
The best way is to compare the different curl effects as seen in the Gallery on the website. The Long & Extra Wide Curlformers will provide larger curls.

Never fear; Curlformers are so easy to use there is always a solution! We suggest, rather than leaving the ends uncurled, draw the Curlformers down the hair sections (away from the root) until the ends are completely inside the Curlformers. This will create an attractive hair style with a flatter root.

Hints and Tips


You can try putting two Curlformers on the same section of hair! Because the curls are loose, if the two Curlformers are “butted” up close to each other, the join is not visible when the Curlformers are removed.

If you are planning to try this, remember to order enough Curlformers!

Yes most definitely! You will find that using Curlformers will give your hair definition, allowing you to create styles that simply cannot be produced with naturally curly hair! Take a look at our Gallery and you will see a sample of the different styles of curls that you can create – from tight ringlets to relaxed waves.

You will notice, as we have, that frizzy hair actually relaxes into beautiful curls, thanks to Curlformers, and wavy hair becomes beautiful glossy curls….the possibilities are endless!

Take a look at our picture Gallery! You can create so many more styles with Curlformers than with tongs or wraps. If you have “natural” hair you will find it curls with ease using Curlformers which add definition to your hair. Finally, the best reason of all, there is no heat! So you can’t damage your hair!

Do you need any more reasons to order them?!

Yes they can! We have two top tips for you on this question:

Hints and Tips


Make sure the wig is supported before you start applying your Curlformers


Pick up the hair sections a minimum of 6 inches (15cm) from the knots.
By incorporating those two points into your technique, you will ensure that there is no tension being brought to bear on the knots.
We don’t believe that being beautifully styled has to be time consuming or hard! Curlformers are easy and quick to apply; we suggest at the beginning you practice applying Curlformers on your hair at the front, then when you have mastered the technique, and you want to style your hair, start at the nape of the neck and work your way round to the front.

Hints and Tips


By starting at the back and working your way around and up, the Curlformers you have just applied don’t get in the way of the new ones!
We advise that perming with Curlformers only be done by a qualified hairdresser! Detailed below is the technique we advise people to use when perming with Curlformers. As a general rule, the effect you will get from perming with Curlformers will be similar to that which you currently achieve with conventional rollers.
  • After the Curlformers have been applied, (taking narrow sections for tight curls), the perm lotion should be applied. We recommend using a self-timing, firm hold, alkaline lotion, because it is not practical to do a “test curl”. You should use a perm according to the condition of the hair being permed.
  • Rinse hair thoroughly. You will quickly see that you don’t need to be concerned about the Curlformers slipping off the hair, (even taking narrow sections!), as the hair is held between the sides of the Curlformer, so they cannot slide off, even under vigorous rinsing!
  • After rinsing, blot dry the hair through the Curlformers, before applying the neutralizer, also through the Curlformers, and leave for a full 10 minutes.
  • Remove the Curlformers by flattening them with the thumb and forefinger in the normal way and slide them down the sections. Rinse out the neutralizer and condition and style the curls in the normal way.

Hints and Tips


You don’t need to use end papers when perming with Curlformers, because Curlformers do not “buckle” the ends.


The bigger the section of hair you take perming with Curlformers, the looser the permed curl will turn out. This is because the hair section is not being stretched around a roller to obtain a very tight curl, but the Curlformer is doing all the work inside the spiral.


Once the hair has been permed using Curlformers, you can style over the top of the perm! This will create a longer lasting and more dramatic effect because you will have created an excellent base!


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Yes! Give them a go and you will see how Curlformers smooth out the curl and give your hair that all important definition you have been looking for, for so long!

Absolutely! That is the beauty of Curlformers; you can choose the lotion which works for your hair, apply Curlformers and you will create amazing curls!

Yes they are! A parent can easily apply Curlformers on your children’s wet hair, which has been combed through to avoid knots, and the hair is simply dried through the Curlformers with a hairdryer. Once the hair is dry, gently ease out the Curlformers as shown in the Video Demo and your children will have beautiful curls to style for any occasion!

They don’t hurt! Our team have put them in, walked down the street, danced and even slept in them!

Well that will depend on the style you are looking to achieve. A full head of Curlformers usually needs approximately 40 Curlformers. This will depend on the size of Curlformer you are using and the texture and length of your hair. You may therefore wish to mix the different sizes, which you can easily do by buying a Styling Kit and then some different sized Started Packs.

Simply take a section of hair, slightly wet and combed through, give it a small twist and insert the section into the opening of the hook. Make sure you look at the video demo to see how to do this!

Hints and Tips


You have to angle the hook so the handle is higher than the crook of the hook! deliver to the UK, the USA and Internationally. Please see below for the complete delivery country list.

  • Albania
  • Andorra
  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Bahamas
  • Barbados
  • Belarus
  • Belgium
  • Bermuda
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Brazil
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  • Chile
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  • Germany
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  • Japan
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  • Kuwait
  • Kenya
  • Latvia
  • Liechtenstein
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  • Taiwan
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine
  • United Arab Emirates
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

Curlfomers deliver within the UK using a 2-4 day, signature delivery service.

Curlformers deliver within the USA using Parcel Post, 3-5 day service with tracking facility.

Curlformers delivery internationally using USPS Priority Mail International, a 6-10 days delivery service (to major markets) with tracking facility.

  • Free Delivery within the UK for orders of £15 or more (if your cart doesn’t qualify for Free delivery, freight will cost you £5)
  • Free Delivery within the USA for orders of $20 or more (if your cart doesn’t qualify for Free delivery, freight will cost you $6)
  • Free Delivery within the EU for orders of €50 or more  (if your cart doesn’t qualify for Free delivery, freight will cost you €10)
  • Free Delivery for ROW for orders of $50 or more  (if your cart doesn’t qualify for Free delivery, freight will cost you $20)

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