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Curlformers® Corkscrew Curls Top-Up Pack

Want to test Curlformers before buying a bigger styling kit? Need to expand your Curlformers collection? Or have a different curl on your ponytail or up-do.

This corkscrew curls top-up pack is ideal for you. The short pack contains 10 corkscrew Curlformers, 5 for clockwise curls and 5 for counter-clockwise curls. The long pack contains 10 corkscrew Curlformers, 5 for clockwise curls and 5 for counter-clockwise curls.

The long pack contains 8 corkscrew Curlformers, 4 for clockwise curls and 4 for counter-clockwise curls. The long pack contains 8 corkscrew Curlformers, 4 for clockwise curls and 4 for counter-clockwise curls.

Suitable for all hair types, and also suitable for wigs and weaves, Curlformers are easy to apply and create amazing results.

Best of all, Curlformers will never cause heat damage—we guarantee it.


This product does not contain a styling hook


HairFlair® Styling Hook

Styling Hooks are essential for applying Curlformers® and Waveformers®. Having extra hooks helps speed up the whole process. Two Hooks are better than one, especially if you’re in a hurry! They are so easy to use, just clip the two parts together and get curling. Once you’ve put in your Curlformers® or Waveformers® just ease the two sections apart and keep it all together with your kit.

All genuine HairFlair® hooks are black.


Deluxe Softhood®

The HairFlair Deluxe Softhood® hairdryer attachment comes in 3 colours and is a fast and easy way to dry your hair when using Curlformers. Best of all, it won’t cause heat damage because you use it on a low heat setting.

Our patented, design features for optimum performance includes a larger hood capacity and a maximum number of ventilation holes for faster and even heat distribution. Plus it’s easy to use with an adjustable chin strap and drawstring. It's unique, patented, silicone collar means it won’t slip off the hair dryer!

The Softhood® can even be used to process a conditioning treatment. Just apply to damp hair, cover with a treatment cap, and place the Softhood® over the top. Switch on the dryer to a comfortable setting and leave according to the manufacturer’s instructions before rinsing out the conditioning treatment and styling. It’s that simple! You can easily hand wash your Softhood after use.

The deluxe Softhood® is a great addition to every Curlformers experience. It is safe to use with wigs and weaves. For a top tip, add Curlformers to your wig and place in the Softhood® fully closed to set your curls.

Our Deluxe Softhood fits hairdryers with a nozzle diameter of up to 5.5 cm or 2.2 inches.
Please note: Due to the dark nature of this product we recommend you don’t lie damp or hot on light fabrics


Curlformers® Spiral Curls Top-Up Pack

Our top-up packs are just right for topping up your styling kit, for trying out Curlformers® in different ranges and sizes, or for using on the ends of your hair.

The spiral Top-Up Pack comes with Curlformers® for clockwise curls and with a strip for anti-clockwise curls. Please see the details tab for quantities.

Great for all ages and all hair types, wigs, and weaves. Best of all, Curlformers® will never cause heat damage—we guarantee it. 

Please note this product does not contain a styling hook.

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Their service is great! I would definitely buy from them again. Super easy and super cute curls. I got all 3 sizes of curlers for the short hair and it worked really well for my short hair as well as my daughter’s long hair.
Steph – @madelynneross
Very pleased with the service from demonstration to delivery and customer service level of aftercare not had a lot of use with lockdown but overall very happy so far.


Brilliant service, would highly recommend, easy to order, reasonably priced and a quick efficient delivery 👍
Anne – @miaa.ashanti
I had zero issues with strong tugging, knotting, or tearing of my hair. I am loving the scrunchies, the curlers, and can’t wait to grow my collection!


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We understand and respect all types of locks. That’s why we’re ZERO heat, ZERO breakage and ZERO damage. We are obsessed with protecting your looping, rolling, twisting, twirling curls, so we’d never do anything to harm your hair.
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HairFlair® are the original brand of the best heat-free, salon-quality hair curler in the world. We’ve worked hard to develop and test every product we put our name on, so that HairFlair® customers worldwide can trust in getting the safest and best quality hair curler in the world. We stand by what we sell.