Style Me – Ripple Wave Set

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Styleformers® Hold

Add for curl definition, sculpting and long-lasting hold with a flexible and nourishing touch. Apply to damp hair before styling. Blend with the Nourishing serum for extra shine and lustre for Natural/textured hair.

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Deluxe Softhood®

The HairFlair Deluxe Softhood® hairdryer attachment, comes in 3 colours and is a fast and easy way to dry your hair when using Curlformers. Best of all, it won’t cause heat damage because you use it on a low heat setting.

Our patented, design features for optimum performance include larger hood capacity and a maximum number of ventilation holes for faster and even heat distribution. Plus it’s easy to use with an adjustable chin strap and drawstring. It's unique, patented, silicone collar means it won’t slip off the hair-dryer!

The Softhood® can even be used to process a conditioning treatment. Just apply to damp hair, cover with treatment cap, and place the Softhood® over the top. Switch on the dryer to a comfortable setting and leave according to the manufacturer’s instructions before rinsing out the conditioning treatment and styling. It’s that simple! You can easily hand wash your Softhood after use.

The deluxe Softhood® is a great addition to every Curlformers experience. It is safe to use with wigs and weaves. For a top tip, add Curlformers to your wig and place in the softhood fully closed to set your curls.

Our Deluxe Softhood fits hairdryers with a nozzle diameter of up to 5.5 cm or 2.2 inches.
Please note: Due to the dark nature of this product we recommend you don’t lie damp or hot on light fabrics


Black Biodegradable Curl detangling comb

The Ultimate curl detangling comb
Environmentally and curl friendly, protect your natural or created curls with our groundbreaking comb (although we wouldn’t blame you for loving it for straight hair too). Designed with long and wide teeth to gently ease its way through the hair and gently separate curls to ensure the curl keeps it shape.

Can be used on wet or dry hair, styling with hair products or perming lotions.

TIP: Before styling the hair, spray the comb with curl energizer and style the hair for a refreshed and natural look  

100% biodegradable and plant based, recyclable packaging.

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Waveformers® Ripple Flair Stying Kit

Drum roll, you have been asking us to deliver this shape wave with our HairFlair guarantee for quality and safety and here it is!

Brand new to our Waveformers® range here is the ultimate ripple wave, it's not a curl but a true wave inspired by the sea.

Our Waveformers® and Curlformers® are suitable for all types of hair, whether thin or thick, straight or curly, long or short, a wig or a weave. Suitable for adults and children. Create new looks with no heat damage.

In this kit you will receive 40 Ripple Flair Waveformers and 2 hooks. at 22"/55cm long they can be used on short to long hair and our bag has been redesigned to reduce plastic.

★ Easy to Use - Divide your semi-dry hair into sections, assemble the hook, thread hair through the Waveformers. Then, just enjoy your time whilst they dry naturally or we recommend our patented design Softhood to dry without damage.  When dry remove the curlers gently and style.

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Deluxe Softhood®


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