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Medium Curl Mini Starter Perm Set


This mini starter set provides an indrodiction to create the HairFlair modern wave with medium size style curls. It includes a Spiral curls styling set and a spiral top-up. Each of these sets purchased gives you access to one of our exclusive, online perm training courses held live with our star educator Carolyn. There you will be able to learn the techniques, ask questions and hear about the extra revenue that can be brought to you with this skill.

We are selling Organic colour systems Think Curl perming lotion and activator at an amazing price, this is optional purchase.

Virtual Course

Purchase any of our sets and get free access to one of our courses worth £50.
Learn everything you need to know to create the HairFlair Modern Wave – the fresh approach to perming. Learn how to add extra revenue and a new service that your clients will love.

  • Know and understand Curlformer different widths and lengths and the end result they produce
  • How to talk to through a client consultation & curl result expectation.
  • Know how to prepare, section & apply Curlformers, choosing to do a full head to the roots, working off base to mid-length or just on the ends.
  • Learn when to apply perm lotion, how to do a test curl, neutralising & finishing.
  • Each participant will receive a certificate of completion

We have seen amazing results in salons using our method. The Karine Jackson Salon is receiving 85% of new enquiries about perming, and the service being provided is up by 6%. This a huge trend and you can be at the forefront.

Each course will be sent out to you after the event to be watched again so you can choose to perm-a-long at the same time or later.

To purchase a PRO Bundle, please sign in or apply for a PRO account (no wait, you will be able to purchase straightaway). Please select the colour and length of your Curlformers.

Pro Sets - Medium Curl Mini Starter Perming Set


From: $72.94

Product Quantity

PRO Curlformers® Spiral Curls Styling Kit

This is our medium width curl, use this for great curly volume looks. Pick this size for hard to curl hair, use alternatively, Silver with stripe and silver without, starting at the nape and working up. Create extra texture by adding in a couple of corkscrew top-up packs to a spiral kit, for a big hair result. Our short spiral set is ideal for setting or perming short hair for a textured, curly look or great to use a couple of the top up-packs for perming men's hair.

We recommend starting with one of each of the  3 widths. The best kits to buy in the range to start are extra long barrel, extra long spiral & extra long corkscrew, these 3 kits will give you all 3 widths & the extra long lengths will work on mid-lengths to extra long hair.


PRO Curlformers® Spiral Top-Up Pack

The spiral top-up pack comes with 6 Curlformers in exciting new colours: 3 silver with a purple strip for clockwise curls and 3 silver for anti-clockwise curls. Can be all hair types, wigs and weaves. Ideal for adding extra Curlformers® to your salon set or to mix up your sets when perming for a more natural look.


Organic Colour Systems Think Curl™ perming lotion

Organic Colour Systems Think Curl™ perming lotion - we recommend 1 activator,  to 2 bottles of perming lotion. And a neutraliser also required will last several perms.

Think Curl Perming lotion, a revolutionary perming lotion is now, creating curls with a uniquely natural feel, bounce and shine. Organic Curl Systems works brilliantly for all perming and relaxing techniques including weave wind, root lift and traditional perms. It"s suitable for all hair types, even damaged hair, as it naturally conditions and moisturises hair during the perming process.

  • Allows for perming any head of hair – even damaged over-processed hair.
  • Free from harsh chemicals such as Ammonium Thioglycolate, Ammonia, SLS and SLES.
  • Less swelling of the hair shaft during perming.
  • Less damage and breakage than traditional perms.
  • Gives softer, healthier, more natural-looking curls.
  •  Designed to work as part of the Organic Colour System.
  • Vegan friendly.
  • Includes the neutraliser

*Please don't forget to purchase the activator at the same time as the perm lotion, both are needed to correctly apply a perm*

Organic Colour Systems - Think Curl™ Activator

The Think Curl™ system offers this separate ‘activator’ which can be added to the lotion to adjust the pH according to the hair type. This means that Think Curl™ is suitable for use on any head of hair, even the most damaged. The range also features a deodoriser, designed to reduce any lingering aroma on the hair after perming.

We recommend 1 activator to two perm lotions, plus a neutraliser will last several perms.

Organic Colour Systems - Think Curl™ Neutraliser

The Think Curl Perm Kit, the revolutionary perming neutraliser is available separately, creating curls with a uniquely natural feel, bounce and shine. Organic Curl Systems works brilliantly for all perming and relaxing techniques including weave wind, root lift and traditional perms. It”s suitable for all hair types, even damaged hair, as it naturally conditions and moisturises hair during the perming process.

We recommend 1 activator to two perm lotions, plus a neutraliser that will last several perms.

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Hair Friendly

We understand and respect all types of locks. That’s why we’re ZERO heat, ZERO breakage and ZERO damage. We are obsessed with protecting your looping, rolling, twisting, twirling curls, so we’d never do anything to harm your hair. Because movement is magic.

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Hair Length Guide





UP TO 8 in / 20 cm

UP TO 14 in / 35 cm
UP TO 22 in / 55 cm
UP TO 29 in / 75 cm

Length like Rapunzel? Short like Cleopatra? Whatever hair you’ve got, you’re the only one who’s got it so work it.

The best way to know what Curlformers will work for you is to use a tape measure (soft version) from the top of your head to the ends. If your hair is one length with no layers, it will be longest at the crown of the head. If you have layers, it will be midway up the head. If measuring an inverted bob, front sections of the hair will be longer.

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