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Super-hot corkscrew curls. Bold and beautiful, this gorgeous style is guaranteed to earn you plenty of attention, whether you’re working it in the office or on the dancefloor.

Once the staple style of a generation, corkscrew curl hairstyles are now being revived by fashion designers, A-listers and beauty bloggers alike. This vintage type of curl is taking the beauty world by storm, loved for its seriously cool look and ability to create the illusion of thicker locks.

before after


Step 1

Dampen hair and brush through. Hair can either be washed or use a Flairosol to dampen. The hair shouldn’t be wet to apply Curlformers® but slightly damp, dry off by 50%

Step 2

Add Styleformers or styling products, we recommend using two pumps of Hold Styleformer® and one of Nourish. Warm it up in the palm of your hands and brush through to evenly distribute.

Step 3

Section the hair, take the top section and pin it out of the way. Split the bottom section of hair into smaller sections, add your Curlformers® making sure your hook is facing the right way up to make sure the hair stays inside.

Step 4

Dry your hair using a Softhood for quicker dry time or let it dry naturally. If using a Softhood® allow your hair to cool and ‘set’ before removing the Curlformers, this should take approximately twenty minutes on short hair so add time for longer hair.

TIP: Test your hair. Take a Curlformer® out from the back and check to make sure it’s dry. If it’s damp still put it back in as this won’t disturb the curl.

Step 5

Remove your Curlformers®. Take out the Curlformers® easily by pinching the plastic seal at the top. Then, tease out the curls with your fingers until you achieve your desired style. We recommend finishing with Nourish & define Styleformer® cocktail

Style your look!

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