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Let's Cheer it for the Girls

You’ve perfected the routine: Chants in check, poms at the ready. Hair might seem like an afterthought, but we know it’s the key to cheer-ready confidence.

That got us thinking – how could we give you the added boost you need to make that final flip. To get to the top of the pyramid knowing nothing will stop you. To feel like a uniformed team working in unison.

That’s why we’ve created an exclusive new offering for all the cheerleaders out there nodding along in agreement.

Cheerleading teams around the globe – we’ll make our Curlformers bespoke to match your team colours. Just tell us what you shade you need, and we’ll pair it with our iconic silver. Then sit back and wait for us to create your personalized Styling Kits.

Even better, we’ll make them in the most popular cheer size; Extra Long Spiral Curlformers. Curling hair up to 22 inches long, this gives you the freedom to use them on virtually every member of the cheer squad. And don’t worry – if one of your team members is lucky enough to have even longer hair than that, you can still use this size. Simply slide each Curlformer down the hair section away from the parting, until the hair is totally encased — it’s that simple.

Each Styling Kit contains:

  • 2 Styling Hooks 
  • 40 Extra Long Spiral Curlformers; 20 Silver Curlformers spiralling to the right, and 20 Curlformers in the colour of your choice, spiralling to the left.

We should also mention that this deal will save you money too, with a 20% discount off the recommended retail prices. In fact, if you send us your team logo, we’ll add it to the Curlformers portable holdall case, so you can use it to store and carry your Curlformers to all your school events and competitions.

This exclusive cheerleading range is available in bulk team purchases only: minimum of 40 Styling Kits per order and the order must be placed directly with our sales team by emailing with your contact details, we’ll get in touch to confirm all the details.

Production and delivery time is estimated at 10 weeks.

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