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HairFlair® | Wave - The Modern Perm

Forget the old perms – we’re talking about a soft curl that lasts 6-8 weeks. Curlformers are a fabulous way to create a more modern permanent beach wave, texture & volume. Place them at the root for a full head or partway down for that ‘natural curl’ look. Don’t like the word ‘perm’? Communicate this as the HairFlair Modern Wave’ to clients, because that’s exactly what it is! The biggest issue for salons with perms tends to be the result – was it wound properly, have you got fish ends from the end not being quite right?

With Curlformers, there’s no room for human error, you’re not winding or using end papers, you simply pull the hair through the tool and it’s done. The style is what your client wants too – it’s a drop curl, not a granny curl, with no waiting a week for it to drop into shape. Remember that the younger community doesn’t have the connotations of the old style perm because they weren’t around – to them, this is just a solution to long-lasting curls. If you’re not already perming, you should – Karine Jackson’s salon in Covent Garden is reporting an average of 4 perms a day with new clients seeking them out for their expertise. It’s an extra service that sits happily alongside cut and colour – you probably already offer a straightening service so curling completes your texture service menu.

We are launching our online Perm education course soon. To add this skill to your salon email us at so we can let you know when they launch!

HairFlair Perm Image

For Professional use only: You can use Curlformers® with a perm lotion to produce Beach waves & curls. NO END PAPERS are needed as the hair is wrapped perfectly to the ends & again you can work right to the head for a full perm or lower to create curl & waves on the mid-lengths. Note: ALWAYS FOLLOW MANUFACTURERS INSTRUCTIONS

  •   Cleanse hair, comb through
  •   Working in zig zag sectioning, start at nape
  •   Apply the rest of the Curlformers – NO END PAPERS NEEDED
  •   Apply perm lotion from top to bottom of Curlformers.
  •   Develop to manufacturer instructions
  •   Test curl – soft S bend needed & YES YOU CAN PUT THE CURLFORMER BACK IN AGAIN!
  •   Rinse approximately 10 minutes
  •   Dry off – towels, tissues or dryer if needed.
  •   Apply neutraliser (as a liquid not foam)
  •   Develop to manufacturers instructions
  •   Rinse & condition
  •   Finish!

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