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How to get this look

  1. Dry off freshly washed hair or lightly water spray dry hair - there is no need for hair to be washed.
  2. Use Spiral Curlformers® on the underneath sections of hair to half way and Barrel Curlformers® on the top section. Use them all in one direction on one side of the head and the opposite direction on the other. Make sure the direction is going off the face for that ultimate flicked back look.
  3. Dry naturally or for faster drying use our bestselling Softhood® for 20 mins (longer for thicker hair), let your hair cool for at least 5 mins
  4. Gently remove, lightly hairspray and run fingers through towards the back taking your hair off the face.
  5. Tip head slightly backwards and use a little more hairspray to hold if you need it.

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