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How to get this look

  1. Dry off freshly washed hair or lightly water spray dry hair - there is no need for hair to be washed.
  2. We recommend applying a combination of Nourish & Hold Styleformers mixed in your hand to the hair & comb through. (Or alternative styling products)
  3. Use Corkscrew Curlformers®, alternating left and right curl directions to achieve that 80's volume. Half of the Curlformers® in a set come with a stripe to show the different direction.
  4. Dry naturally or for faster drying use our bestselling Softhood® for 20 mins (longer for thicker hair), let your hair cool for at least 5 mins
  5. When dry, remove gently, wrapping your finger around the curl shape.
  6. Using a dry, fine hairspray. Tip your head upside down and spray. Shake out those curls for volume and clip up using your favourite banana clip.
  7. Or we love this look with our extra large black velvet scrunchy to pull the hair.

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