10 Bridal Hairstyles for Natural Hair

Planning a wedding is something to be intentional about. You want to ensure everything is in place – from the venue, decorations and invitations to the dresses, makeup, and accessories. It could take you many weeks or months of planning. While doing this, there comes the part where you must choose a hairstyle for an idea – it has to be perfect. Some people would love to go natural, and that’s the focus here. In this article, you will find the 10 best bridal hairstyles for natural hair. 

10 Natural Hairstyles for Brides

There are countless options if you are interested in styling your natural hair for your wedding. However, the goal is to find the right hairstyle – one that won’t be disappointing. So, here are 10 top choices to consider: 

  1. Formal Bun

The formal bun is one of the simplest natural hairstyles for your wedding. Not everyone loves to go big and extra, so they are left with no option but to do with whatever they have. A beautiful bun will always be a sight to see. Not only does it look simple and attractive, but it fits any occasion. So, even after your wedding, you can decide to rock your formal bun anywhere – anytime. More so, you wouldn’t spend so much doing this style. You can also adorn your hair with tiny pieces of jewelry to make it look fancier. 

  1. Elegant Twisted Updo

Elegant Twisted Updo has always been listed as the top hairstyle to do for any occasion, so it is no surprise it is a considered option here. This style is chic, beautiful, and curly. The process of making it is easy but requires intense concentration. First, the hair needs to be parted into reasonable sections, ensuring the sides can be twisted perfectly. During the procedure, it is consequential to apply a moisturizer to enhance easy styling, twisting, and curling. However, the curling stage needs to be handled with extra care – the hair must be dry first before separating the curls. 

  1. Twisted Pompadour

Who says you cannot rock a beautiful ponytail on your wedding day? Twisted Pompadour is perfect as it combines ponytails with twists. It aims to make your head look glorious while maintaining the utmost simplicity. And like most natural hairstyles, it is easy to do. It only involves parting the hair into 3 main sections and then creating twisted ponytails. When you are done, the next step is to pin the twists so that it transforms into a classic mohawk. You can rock a twisted pompadour to a few places after your wedding – but never in a formal setting. 

  1. Curly Pixie Cut 

Would you like to take it a little back to the 90s? Curly Pixie Cut is exactly that style that would give you what you are looking for when you want to get married. It is one of the world’s most beautiful natural hairstyles, but it takes practice and patience. You just don’t decide to do a curly pixie cut without finding the best hands to get it done perfectly. The part of molding the pixie cut is intense that any flop could ruin the style, which you don’t want happening on that special date. Another part is the application of foaming lotion, which takes time. 

  1. Braidless Bun Updo

You can decide to become creative and have your hair look glorious on your wedding date. The braidless bun updo helps you achieve that, but it is best to know that it will only be perfect for that day alone. On other occasions, you may find it difficult to rock around. More so, this hairstyle permits the addition of accessories to make it luxurious and sophisticated. To do a braidless bun updo, you need to make sure your hair is lightly blown and then divide the front hair into small sections so that they connect your hair. Following, you have to slick the hair at the back into a top knot bun and eventually add texture to make it look curly and nice. 

  1. Faux French Braid Updo

Naturally, there is much stress in keeping an up-do. The fear of it falling off (or unraveling) on your wedding day is one. Luckily, there is a way to maintain it and have it stay perfectly on your head throughout the entire event – the Faux French Braid. Some people are fans of faux braids, so this style would be a great way to have that. A Faux-French braid often requires styling your natural hair and attaching a braiding hair. It somehow looks complicated, but it looks really nice when it is ready. Besides, you can style it to any side and adorn it with accessories. 

  1. Twisted Crown Updo

The Twisted Crown Updo looks almost similar to the braidless bun updo. In fact, it takes the same technique – parting your hair into sections (two). The only difference here is that this style requires making two buns. Most people use Marley hair to create these buns since they are easy and stress-free. Once these buns have been created, you can now connect them, forming a crown. This twisted crown updo can be worn even on formal and casual occasions. 

  1. Side Swept Locs 

If you are rocking a veil on your wedding date, you might consider doing something more sophisticated yet natural. A side swept locs is definitely a great option to consider. In fact, it is one of the most popular styles brides across the country have decided to go for. With the locs in their full glory on one side and the traditional veil covering the other, there is nothing better than a beautiful appearance. 

  1. Flat Twists + Low Bun

Who says you can’t rock a nice twist with a low bun on the day you’re getting married? Most people think curls and kinks are always the way to go, but a great flat twist with a bun would do just fine. First, the style gives you a good breathing space –free hair movement. You won’t have to hide some parts of your hair or straighten them when needed. And the interesting thing about this style is that you can rock it anywhere, even after your event. 

  1. Roll & Tuck Updo

The Roll & Tuck Updo is a natural hairstyle that has been trending for years. It started as a great fit for casual events, and many women loved it for its fascinating yet simple look. This style is exactly as it is described – rolls and tucks. You have to divide the hair into sections, and at every section, you do a flat twist, roll and tuck. You do this so that every tuck transforms into a mohawk. You can repeat it for every section. The more sections, the more beautiful it is. 


Choosing a hairstyle for your wedding day can be difficult because you want something beautiful and statement-making. Now, you can achieve that with your natural hair – what you need is to find the perfect style and do a few tweaks. Above are the 10 best bridal hairstyles for natural hair to consider; you can choose any of them and have a sophisticated look for your event. Who knows? – You might just be lucky to be able to rock it even after that day. 



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