2B Hair Guide: Grow, Maintain & Care

Corkscrew, waves, ringlets and 2B…? So many curls too little time! If you have curly hair you may have heard about 2B hair, but what is it? So, let’s dive into how to recognize 2B hair, and what to do to keep it in tip-top condition…

2B or not 2B? 

That is the question that keeps curly girls worldwide scratching their heads. The term 2B is used for people with more wavy hair, not quite straight, not quite curly. Straighter roots and strands that look like an ‘s’ further down.

Hair Curl Chart

Don’t worry if you’re still not sure. Lots of people lie somewhere between curl patterns or have multiple curl types on their head – especially if they’re early on in their curly journey. These tips will still help!

Top tips to luscious waves

Less is more 

Like with any curl pattern, moisture is a 2B’s best friend. However, since your curls are already looser, overdoing it can weigh them down and cause you to lose definition. The same goes for any styling product – though essential, less is often more for 2Bs. 

Frizz is no friend

Best friends covered, now let’s move on to enemies. One word: frizz. Sadly, a head of beautiful waves comes with a price. 2B hair can be easily upset by any stage of your hair care routine, leaving you frizzed up. The best way to combat this is simply to gear your routine towards avoiding it. Opt for shampoos and conditioners designed to tame frizz. Make light gel or mousse a part of your damp hairstyling routine. They create a kind of cast, meaning as your hair dries the unruly frizzies can’t escape. Scrunch out your curls when they’re dry, and they’ll stay much smoother throughout the day. 

Olga Before
Olga After

Keep it cool

Minimal heat will reduce the breakage responsible for frizz, so avoid blow drying on a high temperature and try to hold off on heat styling. HairFlair’s CurlformersⓇ are a great alternative if you want a little extra definition without the damage.

Go satin 

Last but not least, an often overlooked but vital check – what are you using to tie your hair up? Elastic hair ties tug on your hair, weakening the strands and causing exactly what we’re hoping to avoid (frizz)! Switch them out for a gentler alternative, like a satin scrunchie

Hairflair Capri silk scrunchie high pony updo
hairflair accessories

So there you have it

So, the take-home message for 2Bs is this: damage leads to breakage leads to frizz and frizz is not invited to the party. Anything you can do to avoid damage is ideal, and often this only means a few small changes to your routine. Invest in some frizz-taming products, stay away from heat (thank you Curlformers), and switch to satin scrunchies. Go forth and be curly, 2B friends!

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