Be You, Be Proud; Finding Your Hair Identity

“Our hair is a statement of style, an affirmation of beauty, and an expression of self-love” – Adémola Mandella

It’s no secret that your hair can play a huge role in defining who you are. From style to colour to length, traditionally hair has also played a part in gender stereotypes because it is a major part of our appearance. Therefore, subverting from the norm is a great way of self-expression and rejecting gendered expectations. 

Although trends do come and go, your hair is an opportunity to embrace the freedom to be whoever you want to be. It plays a part in celebrating our heritage, creativity and individuality. With the LGBTQIA+ community stronger than ever, the diversity of hair has only grown and we love hearing about your hair journeys. Over time its fluidity has only increased so you can find the hairstyle that feels completely and utterly YOU.

We chatted to Nazhier Smith about how their hair helps to define their identity. Being part of the LGBTQIA+ community, they like to embrace their natural hair whilst finding new ways of styling that help them feel like their best self. 

How does your hair help you to express yourself?

My hair is my biggest accessory. It has the ability to make a statement. Sometimes I feel like it is an extension of myself. Often I feel like it reflects how I feel on the inside for example if my hair is not done I’m most likely not in the best of spirits, but when it is I feel confident. 

What does a ‘good hair day’ mean to you?

A good hair day to me means my curls are popping or the style that I did came out just the way envisioned it.

How did you find your perfect hairstyle/cut?

I took inspiration from those around me. I experimented with different combinations and aspects of things I found beautiful whether that be colors, shapes, or length. 

Does your hair play a part in defining your identity?

My hair plays a huge part in my identity not only does it remind me of my lineage, but also helps me  connect more with my femininity

What makes you feel confident? 

I make myself feel confident, by reminding myself to love myself completely and to celebrate my accomplishments.

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