Do you struggle with uncertainty when trying to handle your type 2 hair? Are you always afraid of spoiling its natural charm instead of enhancing it? Then here is where all your apprehensions about type 2 hair will end. 

In this article, we will present a guide to type 2 hair and show you how to flaunt the best side of your locks all the time…

What is Type 2 hair?

Type 2 hair is what we refer to as wavy and S-shaped hair. This type is loose and lax in texture and is not as oily as its previous types. However, this does not mean that it is entirely free from dryness or oil problems. 

The truth is that type 2 or T2 hair has a slight texture yet it can be thicker. It’s the happy medium between straight hair and curls and is the most versatile of all hair types. But there are several categories in type 2 hair as well. 

it is essential to know which category your type 2 hair falls into so that you understand it better and care for it appropriately. If you already don’t know which category of type 2 your hair falls into, here is how you can discover it.

Understanding Your Type 2 Hair and Adopting the Right Handling Tactics

You can only handle your type 2 hair appropriately if you know its texture extremely well, as well as the pattern of waves in it. Type 2 hair can have lazy, loose or lax to tightly sprung and coiled curls. But the only way they shine through is when you use the appropriate combs/brush, shampoo/conditioner and styling products as per their texture.

For example, if you’ve got lazy and loose curls, the best daily handling for them would include a round brush and light gel or mousse (if you wish you style it). Doing anything differently will not sit well with the natural volume and texture of your hair. 

On the other hand, if you know you’ve got more unruly type 2 hair, such as 2B or 2C, then taming them with heavier products might be necessary. Knowing the texture and volume extent of your type 2 hair makes it all the easier to maintain and style it daily. 


2A Type

If you have beachy, natural and loose waves, you’ve got type 2A hair.. You will also note a somewhat slight bend, like the shape of the letter C, when type 2A hair dries. In all of the categories of T2 hair, you will find 2A the least frizzy and easily weighed down if you apply a product in excess…

Therefore, with this hair type, you must only opt for lightweight products and choose a haircut wisely. The right cut will create the illusion of thicker and fuller strands for your hair.

2a Type Hair

2B Type

If your hair has tightly drawn and clearly outlined waves, then it falls in the 2B Type category. Your hair will look similar to surfer curls and will be frizzier too. When this hair type dries, it resembles the shape of the letter S. 

2b Type Hair

2C Type

Those with 2C type hair will display more defined waves, starting at their roots. 2C type is usually thicker than its other subcategories. 

In type 2C hair, you will find spiral, loose curls that will resemble the S shape and hair texture that is the frizziest in the T2 section. 

In our opinion, the best way to wear this hair type is in a longer length. You can take inspiration from celebrities like Kate Hudson and others who give their hair just the right leverage and style. 

2c Type Hair

How to Style and Care for Each T2 Sub-Category Hair

To maintain the vitality of your natural type 2 hair, it is important to follow some essential styling and hair care routines. These include the following:

  1. For 2A Type

For hair in the 2A type category, you must use a curl-enhancing shampoo and give your hair a deep-conditioning treatment every three or four weeks. For added depth, try using a curl fortifying lotion or a leave-in curl-enhancing conditioner. 

The best styling products for 2A are a curl defining gel and curl-reviving tonics for touch-ups. 

  1. For 2B Type

For 2B type hair, make a curl-enhancing shampoo a permanent part of your hair care routine. Also, give your locks a deep-conditioning treatment after every three to four weeks. Use a shining curl oil along with a curl fortifying lotion or a curl-reviving touch-up tonic for styling it. 

  1. For 2C Type

Those with 2C type hair should use a curl-enhancing shampoo in their regular hair care routine. Adding a weekly treatment of hot oil and a shining curl oil can also give great results. The same fortifying lotion or leave-in conditioner to enhance curls as in category 2A and 2B types would suffice for 2C as well. 

For styling type 2C hair, the best products include a shining curl oil, a curl defining gel and a curl reviving or fortifying lotion or tonic. 


Some More Helpful Tips for the Loose and Lax Type 2 Hair

We know how women just adore curly and luscious hair but for those who have it, we understand their struggles too. It can be quite challenging at times to control the frizz that some subcategories of this hair type generally have. 

However, to maintain the best front for your wavy hair, you must aim to strike a balance between not weighing your natural curls down with excessive product while also controlling frizz. A good solution for this situation is to use volume and moisture for retaining the natural waves. For this, try to go light-handed when applying products. 

Moisturizing and hydrating shampoos are the best for those with T2 hair. A weekly treatment of a deep moisturizing hair mask will also suffice in locking in hydrating and controlling frizz. Try to refrain from touching your hair too much or else it will rework the frizz into it! 

In times when your T2 hair threatens to be too unruly or out of control, using a bit of styling cream or mousse when it is damp would help. Apply the product gently and minimally from root to tip for taming the frizz. 

Another trick to keeping quite a lot of the frizz away is if you avoid towel-drying your wavy hair. Instead, use a wide-toothed comb to run through your wet hair and control the frizz. 

Final Thoughts

Type 2 hair is wavy, lax and loose in appearance and some of its subcategories can feature quite a bit of frizz. However, T2 hair type is also the most versatile in comparison to deadly straight or utterly curly hair. 

With waves, you get gentle curves, a gorgeous bounce and the perfect volume in the hair that makes it look just gorgeous naturally. With the right choice of products, hair care practices and haircut, your type 2 hair will bewitch everyone who beholds it. 





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