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Curl Boss

James Catalano


With over a decade of expertise James Catalano has built himself a well-renowned name within the high-end hair industry. From styling celebrity icons like Celeste, Dina Asher-Smith , Amerie, Charlotte Church and Yvonne Nelson; to his editorial and beauty works featured in global publications such as ELLE, Hunger, Gay Times, GQ, ES, Volt, BlackHair, Pride and Black Beauty to name a few. And it doesn’t end there; Catalano has also accumulated commercial praise for global brands such as Nike, Adidas, Carte D’or, American Express, Bacardi, Tinder and Captain Morgan and our Curlformers® too. His work has also been showcased in the limelight on many occasions when joining forces with the hair teams for the X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent, and London Fashion Week; alongside HairFlair for the Spring/Summer 2020 Julien X Gabriela show.

James Catalano
James Catalona with Julien MacDonald behind styling hair with Curlformers® behind the scenes at London Fashion Week SS2020

Let’s find out how a man from humble London beginnings became our Curl Boss featured here today.

How did hairdressing become your chosen profession?

“Hairdressing runs in my family; starting with my mum who used to work in a salon which influenced me in some ways but I have always been intrigued with hair and its transformative abilities. I started doing hair (mostly cornrows and braids) to earn some extra money whilst studying for my degree but I never intended on making it a long-term career. However, when I graduated, I found an apprenticeship in a salon, which paid me enough for my rent and bills, as well as providing me with a qualification. Since then I fell even more in love with hair, and so, I just allowed myself to be open to the different opportunities available for me to progress within the industry.”

What would you say was your defining moment as a professional hairstylist?

“So far, my defining moment was and remains styling Celeste for her 2020 Brit Awards performance. It was amazing to not only be part of the creative process but to then have it be seen by almost 4 million people and to top it all off, she was featured on several ‘Best Brits Looks’ lists thereafter.”

“Love your curls, because everyone else’s are already taken” - professional hairstylist James Catalano

HairFlair is about styling and curling all hair types with kindness; having worked in-depth with our Curlformers® which style would you say gives, you personally, the most creative freedom?

“Spirals’ are medium width Curlformers and they are amazing at producing long-lasting curls in hard-to-curl hair, as well as smoothing, shaping and defining naturally curly hair. What’s great is that the curls can be worn in coils straight from the Curlformers® themselves or separated for endless bounce and volume. They are also a great tool to use when prepping hair for up-dos, bridal, and creative styles; because the Curlformers move in two different directions, you gain full control of the final look by deciding which way the curls will fall.”

What do you think makes curls such an enhancing characteristic?

“I love curls because of the amount of movement and life they can give your hair, which I believe to be a major enhancement to overall style and character. They frame the face in such interesting and complementary ways; making every head of curls completely unique. I love the way that light reflects off of each twist and turn of a single coil, but the amount of volume and shape that curly hair can achieve is second to none.”

What would be the one thing you could pass on to a young hairdresser?

“Everything you will ever need to know about hair is already within you just waiting to be unlocked; take every opportunity you get, to listen, watch and learn. Be gentle with hair and co-operate with it because when you fight hair it will fight you back.”


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