Thursday, June 25, 11 am – sign up now to join Karine Jackson & Alan Howard for this free education session.

Karine Jackson
Alan Howard

The new generation perm is set to be the next big hair service and salons who capitalise on-demand can grow their profit margin – Karine Jackson at Karine Jackson Hair & Beauty in London is now doing an average of 4 perms a day bringing in £72k of additional revenue in the last 12 months, representative of 4% of the salon’s takings.

Karine will join Alan Howard to present a 45 minute perm webinar on Thursday June 25 at 11am, aimed at hairdressers who are interested in perming for the first time, or keen to learn the new Modern Wave technique.

What to expect:

  • Join Karine for a 45-minute webinar on perming and curls followed by a Q&A
  • Learn how to introduce the service to your salon
  • See Karine demonstrate the Modern Wave technique using Curlformers®
  • Everything you need to know about the consultation, strand testing, managing client expectations and aftercare
  • How to market the service to gain new clients
  • Opportunity to ask HairFlair educator
  • Carolyn Walker questions in real-time during the webinar
  • Receive a recording after the session


HairFlair Wave

Perming sits alongside colour and cut as an additional complimentary service – a no brainer for salons – and has been covered extensively in the consumer press. Curlformers® are at the forefront of the new style perms offering an innovative update on this classic technique and have been featured in The Guardian, Marie Claire, Evening Standard and The Pool. The unique patented mesh construction enables perming with no winding, no endpapers, no mess, effectively removing the opportunity for human error such as fish hook ends or uneven winding.

Here at HairFlair®, we’re proud to support salons with virtual education while social distancing measures are in place – contact us anytime through the website or our social channels and we’ll help you to introduce perm services to your salon, from practical training and advice to product ordering and marketing materials. HairFlair is an inclusive brand, suitable for use on ALL hair types. Contact us for more information.



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