One of our favourite hairstylists and previous hairdresser of the year, Karine Jackson, who has worked with the likes of global supermodel Naomi Campbell and British actress Shelley Conn! Worked with HairFlair to created a series of beautiful and healthy curly looks, perfect for party season.

Four models were styled beautifully by Karine, then captured on film by renowned fashion, beauty and hair photographer, Barry Jeffery. Barry has photographed amazing people such as The Queen and created campaigns for Balmain!

In a new series of blog posts, we will be teaching you how to recreate the looks from the photoshoot at home with the Curlformers® styling kits. With our tips and tricks, you will have bold beautiful bouncing curls in no time!

For our first how-to, we are re-creating Jess Whitney’s voluminous curls with the Corkscrew Curls Styling Kit.

Step One: To achieve maximum volume, make sure your hair is still damp whilst applying Curlformers®. Once partially dry, brush out your hair with the HairFlair® Large Paddle Brush

Step Two: Part your hair into 4 separate sections

Step Three: Insert Curlformers® Corkscrew Curls into your hair, section by section

Step Four: Once all sections are complete, apply the Hair Flair Deluxe Softhood® over the top of your Curlformers for speedy drying

The Deluxe Softhood® is a hair dryer attachment that provides a fast and effortless way to dry your hair whilst using your Curlformers®. The design features ventilation holes and a large hood capacity allowing for faster drying with no heat damage.

Step Five: Once your hair is dry, remove the Curlformers® and brush out the curls gently – more teasing equals more volume!

Try and recreate Jess’s look and then tag us on Instagram at @HairFlairCom or tweet us your pictures to @HairFlairCom. Don’t forget to use #LoveYourHair and #ProudToBeCurly to show your curl loving!



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