Get sleek waves for a bob haircut like Hannah Bod

We teamed up with premier hairdresser and stylist Karine Jackson and the very talented photographer Barry Jeffery and held a curly photoshoot! Creating a range of different, exciting curly looks all using a range of Curlformers® from spiral to barrel, to corkscrew to Softhood’s, we have it all!

Here’s how to re-create Hannah Bod’s sleek and stylish waves created using Barrel and Spiral Curlformers® styling kits!

**Top Tip: We will be using two different types of styling kits to achieve this look **

Step One: Part the front and back of your hair into two separate sections, ensure your hair is clean and still damp for the best results!

Step Two: Take the back section of hair and brush it out using the HairFlair® Large Paddle Brush, then insert the Spiral Curlformers Styling Kit, using the Curlformers® Styling Hook 

Step Three: Once you have finished with the back section of the hair, move onto the front. This time inserting our Barrel Curlformers Styling Kit

Step Four: Once you have finished inserting your Curlformers, pop on the HairFlair Deluxe Softhood®

The Deluxe Softhood® is a hairdryer attachment that provides a fast and effortless way to dry your hair whilst using your Curlformers®. The design features ventilation holes and a large hood capacity allowing for faster drying times with no heat damage. Only use with a low heat setting on your hairdryer

Step Five: Once your hair feels dry, gently remove your Curlformers. Slowly brush out your ringlets until you achieve the perfect amount of wave

Try and recreate Hannah’s look and then tag us on Instagram at @HairFlairCom Don’t forget to use #myhairmyflair and #ProudToBeCurly to show your curl loving!



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