How Curls can Generate Extra Revenue

Alexandra Malet is MD of Hairflair and has built her business on curls. Curlformers are a heat-free curling tool for temporary or permanent curls and can be used to set or perm hair in the salon. Here she shares her tips on maximizing revenue with some simple services…

“While we can talk about hair trends and what’s in fashion, curls are a staple look that you’ll always have a demand for. Perming, in particular, is a growth area for salons and converting a colour client to also buy into texture is a relatively simple step – have a look at Instagram to see how Jack Howard has done this with his new Permage technique, a simultaneous perm and colour service. But how else can curling bring you extra revenue?

Get your apprentices earning…

As an industry, we always need to find ways to make apprentices feel valued and to balance their training with practical salon experience. Curlformers are so simple to use that apprentices and juniors can apply them, freeing senior stylists up to work on other clients.

For example, your senior stylist can conduct the consultation and then move onto another client while the junior applies the Curlformers and dries them with a hood dryer. The senior team member can then return to the client to style out and finish the curls. It’s impossible to damage the client’s hair as no high heat is used and there’s no room for human error as the Curlformers do the work for you, giving a consistent curl base from which you create the style the client desires – curls, volume, texture…

The drying time is also perfect for upselling services like manicures, pedicures and hand massages that can be done at the styling station. With three-quarters of the appointment time done by the junior, they’re getting valuable experience and making you money without compromising the service delivery.

The “My hair doesn’t curl” client

Every salon has these clients – the ones who tell you that their hair will never hold a curl. There’s also the client who overuses heat styling, doesn’t use heat protection and is surprised when their colour fades and their hair looks damaged and dry!

Because Curlformers come in two directions of curl to create a natural curl pattern and sets the curl from wet to dry it really does take in even the most stubborn hair, and weak damaged hair feels soft and looks better because it’s frizz free and healthy. When you solve a long-standing problem for a client, they become loyal, especially when they think you’ve achieved the impossible!

The bridal party

Weddings are a lucrative business and you need to strike the balance between efficient styling that will last the day and a relaxed atmosphere that feels pampering for your bridal party. Using Curlformers means you can apply (and have an assistant applying for you) and leave in while they have make-up, nails and champagne; younger bridesmaids don’t have to sit still for long as once the Curlformers are in they can run around or play until they’re dry. They look fun in pictures too! The set curls have amazing longevity (more so than heat-styled curls) so you know they’ll last throughout the day and evening and you can dress them out or put them up.


Retail is a no-brainer for salons – money in the till for simply recommending a product that you know will work for the client. A product that works on all hair types is also a brilliant gift for upselling around Christmas. You know that when a client buys a product and uses it between appointments you get the added benefit of better-conditioned hair to work with, and a better advert for your salon.


Forget the old perms – we’re talking about a soft curl that lasts 6-8 weeks. Curlformers are a fabulous way to create a more modern permanent beach wave, texture & volume. Place them at the root for a full head or part way down for that ‘natural curl’ look. Don’t like the word ‘perm’? Communicate this as the ‘6-week curl’ to clients, because that’s exactly what it does! The biggest issue for salons with perms tends to be the result – was it wound properly, have you got fish ends from the end not being quite right?

With Curlformers, there’s no room for human error, you’re not winding or using end papers, you simply pull the hair through the tool and it’s done. The style is what your client wants too – it’s a drop curl, not a granny curl, with no waiting a week for it to drop into shape. Remember that the younger community doesn’t have the connotations of the old style perm because they weren’t around – to them, this is just a solution to long-lasting curls. If you’re not already perming, you should – Karine Jackson’s salon in Covent Garden is reporting an average of 4 perms a day with new clients seeking them out for their expertise. It’s an extra service that sits happily alongside cut and colour – you probably already offer a straightening service so curling completes your texture service menu.

Book our Perm Education course to add this skill to your salon or email us at to request a visit from our HairFlair educators to visit you.

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